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Arya Dance Academy Offers Indian Dance Class, Bollywood Dance, Classical Dance Class, Dance Troupe, Miss India Pageant, Kathak Dance Class, Bharatanatyam Dance Class in New York, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin.
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“I’ve been with Arya for the past three years, and it’s given me more than I could have ever asked for. Not only have we gone home with multiple 1st place trophies in the past two years, we’ve also gotten the opportunity to perform at so many different types of events! But most importantly, Arya has given me a second family. I love the family environment I get from Arya, from all over the country. I get to make friends I’m going to keep for life and, at the same time, do what I love to do!” -Aditi Asthana, 16 yrs. Student from Fremont, CA. 


“Arya has been an amazing experience! I just joined last fall and in the last year it has honestly become my favorite part of every week. In just the first year in Arya I’ve gotten a chance to perform at a Sunidhi Chauhan concert and many other big festivals and events throughout the state! On top of that I have met so many new and amazing people through this program, and it’s just been an unforgettable experience.”-Dhara Shah, 15 yrs. Student from Phoenix, AZ.


“I have been in Arya for just three months, but I love it! I met new friends, learned new things, and got to meet the best teacher ever! Didi really knows how to dance! I always look forward to dance class, and when it is over, I can’t wait to go next week. It’s as if we all carry packets of energy with us to class, and once we get to class and dance, they all explode! I can’t wait to see Didi and my friends again in September!  I love Arya!” -Megha Chaudhari, 9 yrs. Student from Ellicott City, MD.


“My experience with Arya has been a real treat! Arya has been such a fantastic dance academy! I am so glad I joined. Whenever I needed to call the Arya office, they always made sure that they took care of my every question and have always been really nice. My family and I highly recommend Arya to our friends and colleagues.” -Alisha Lakhani, 17 yrs. Student from Coppell, TX.


"This was my first year in Arya and I have to say it is so exciting to dance here, especially when you have such trained professional teachers like Gop Didi teaching you. Some of our performances include the Miss NJ/PA/DE Beauty Pageant and the Bollywood Awards when we danced with celebrities such as Raghav, Vivek Oberoi, and Bipasha Basu. It was an experience of a lifetime! Arya has given me confidence and has brought me closer to my culture. I LOVE Arya!” –Roshani Shah 16yrs, Lyndhurst, NJ


“I have been with Arya for 6 years now and going to dance class has taught me so much about dance, my culture, and life. The teachers are amazing dancers that know many different styles of dance from hip hop to filmy to classical, they can teach it all! My teacher Miss Rupal has helped our class grow from little kids that bumped into each other on stage to amazing performers with many trophies, but more than that she has been an older sister! Joining Arya is the best thing I have ever done!” –Pooja Gupta 15yrs, Parsippany, NJ


"I really love dancing at Arya.  I have been there only one year but I like my teachers and I like my costumes very much.  I especially like Ravish Bhaiya.  I can't wait to go back." –Paayal 7yrs, Herndon, VA


 “My experience with Arya has been more than amazing. From each and every dance to the final competition, it’s all been a burst of adrenalin. I’ve gained a new perspective to the whole Indian culture. And Arya has given me pride. I feel gifted to be an Arya dancer, as it is made of only the best. We learned a variation from classical, to hip-hop, which was all topnotch! I’ve grown, not only as a dancer, but as a person while in Arya…opening up my mind to new people and new dances.” –Shruti Patel 16yrs, Gaithersburg, MD



Arya Dance Academy Offers Indian Dance Class, Bollywood Dance, Classical Dance Class in New York, Virginia. Contact Arya International for Indian Dance Class, Bollywood Dance Class, Classical Dance Class, Kathak Dance Class, Bharatanatyam Dance, Indian Dance School, Event Management, Film Dance School
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