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Arya Dance Academy Offers Indian Dance Class, Bollywood Dance, Classical Dance Class, Dance Troupe, Miss India Pageant, Kathak Dance Class, Bharatanatyam Dance Class in New York, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin.
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School Policy

1. Always be polite and courteous to others.  Respect those around you and the facility being utilized.

2. Punctuality is important.  Please be on time for classes.  Students taking classical lessons must arrive 5 minutes earlier to wear your ghungroos. 

3. Students arriving to class more than 30 minutes late without prior notification will not be able to join class due to disruption in teaching and choreography.  Being late to class consistently will result in dismissal from the course without refund.

4. Dress code is Arya T-shirt and black pants.   Hair must be tied back in a pony tail away from your face.  Refrain from wearing big earrings or jewelry which will interfere when dancing.  No socks or shoes are to be worn in class.  Refusal to abide by the dress code may result in your child sitting out of class for the day.

5. Chewing gum and candy will not be allowed while class is in session.

6. Disruptive behavior or bad conduct will not be tolerated.  Continual violation of this rule will result in dismissal from the course without refund.

7. Cell phones must be turned OFF during class.

8. Persons not participating in classes will not be allowed in the dance studio.  No one should interfere with the teaching once class is in session.  Parents are welcome to view/review the class progress in the last 10 minutes of class.  Arya Dance Academy observes a student drop off and pick up policy.      

9. All photographs or videos taken by management during the classes or events are copyright of Arya Dance Academy.

10. Choreography taught in class is original and may not be copied nor taught to anyone else.  Students performing any dance taught at Arya must acknowledge Arya Dance Academy at the performance.

11. Missed or Cancelled Classes:  If Arya Dance Academy is open and you are unable to attend a class, you are welcome to take a makeup class at a nearby location.  NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN FOR MISSED CLASSES. Only school holidays are for the weeks of Christmas and New Years.  If a show falls on a the day of a class, the show will count towards your class.  No credits/refunds are given for show day classes missed.  If you drop before the make ups are completed, you can take the number of make ups due in the following session.  

12.  If a show takes place on a class day, the show will count in place of the class.  No make up will be provided for a show day. 

13.  If you have extended travel and are missing more than two classes, you can receive credit for the additional classes missed.  The first two classes will be treated as a makeup in which you can take at a nearby location.  No credit will be given for the first two classes.  The additional missed classes will be credited once the itinerary is provided.  Please note only exact dates of travel are taken in account for the credit.  

14.  Costumes are provided by Arya Dance Academy for class performances.  Teachers will submit requests to the staff when/if an event is upcoming.  Costumes are from the Arya Dance Academy inventory and include a great variety of styles.  Please note costumes in the inventory are previously used by other Arya groups and given out on a rental basis.  Costumes come in generic sizes.  Slight alterations may be required however cutting of costumes is not allowed. 

If the instructor cancels class due to inclement weather, an emergency, or any other unforeseen reason, a make-up class will be scheduled.  No refunds will be given if you do not attend a make-up class.

Arya Dance Academy Offers Indian Dance Class, Bollywood Dance, Classical Dance Class in New York, Virginia. Contact Arya International for Indian Dance Class, Bollywood Dance Class, Classical Dance Class, Kathak Dance Class, Bharatanatyam Dance, Indian Dance School, Event Management, Film Dance School
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