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Arya Dance Academy Offers Indian Dance Class, Bollywood Dance, Classical Dance Class, Dance Troupe, Miss India Pageant, Kathak Dance Class, Bharatanatyam Dance Class in New York, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin.
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“When the Arya flyer first came in the mail, we were so disappointed to see that the two closest schools were over two hours away. Fortunate- ly, when we called Arya, they were willing to give our local area a shot! It’s been a year now, and we have loved every minute of it. We highly recommend Arya to anyone hoping to boost their child’s confidence!” -The Moms of Kingsport, TN

“My daughters love Arya and look forward to attending their classes every Monday to be with their teacher and friends. The teacher has wonderful choreography and the children really enjoy the challenge that Bharatanatyam presents, always ready to tackle it head-on.“ -Meera Singh, Parent, Richmond Hill, NY

“I am impressed by the large-scale dance platform that the academy offers to our young artists. I was in tears of joy when I saw my 5 year old daughter run down the aisle with her trophy after her very first per- formance at NJPAC and say “I did it, Mama!”. This means a lot to me... Thank you Arya Dance Academy for all your support and for hiring a very talented, experienced and loving pool of teachers.” -Purvi Ragoowansi, Parent, Hillsborough, NJ

“Arya is a great dancing school and it’s growing and growing! All of the teachers are very professional and they teach very patiently and professionally. I take great pride because my daughter and two sons got to perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Nov. 2011 at a very young age, which a dream for all of us! Long live Arya!” -Dipika Mistry, Parent, Parsippany, NJ

"Arya is elevating the education of Indian Dance to the next level, with professional organization and staff offering friendly and joyful environment. Arya offers a perfect blend of classical and modern dancing, which makes it interesting and enjoyable for our kids.” –Jalpa Patel, Arya Parent, Lake Hiawatha, NJ

 “My 4 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed her first dance experience with Arya.  Not only has the class boosted her confidence, but it is also a fun cultural activity, giving us an opportunity to make new friends!” –Rakhee Shah, Arya Parent, Exton, PA

“Since my daughter joined Arya Dance Int'l, I have noticed lots of changes in her. For one, she is more outgoing. She looks forward to her classes for the challenge of studying new dance steps, and she is filled with so much confidence and enthusiasm. I think the teachers at the school do a wonderful job with the children. When there is a performance, boy, I get chills when I see my child doing so well along with all the other students. She now loves to watch Indian movies and is actually singing Hindi songs, which I am so happy to see she loves the culture. To Arya, I thank you all, the instructors, and staff for encouraging these students to do what they do!” –Rosie and Joey Bridgemohan, Arya Parents, Jersey City, NJ

“Our daughter learned pure Kathak from Rupal and Prashant. In one year, she has grown tremendously. Being a classical dancer myself, I was surprised to see how much they have accomplished in such a short time. Both Rupal and Prashant have special talent to make classical dancing so much fun yet demand perfection from these young girls. When I saw Varsha practicing Kathak steps in the swimming pool without even realizing what she was doing .. I knew it was time to enroll her for the fall again.” –Padma Garla, Arya Parent, Marlboro, NJ

“From being with Arya, my daughter Janine has learnt to be more confident, more imaginative to be able to put steps to any song and teach her brother the steps too. She loved the teachers and would surely like to return. She had a great experience. Thank you!” –Tani Patel, Arya Parent, Ashburn, VA

“What I like about Arya's classes is that all the teachers are very talented, nice, and cooperative. I love that my daughter learns dancing at Arya, and I appreciate the opportunities she has had to dance on stage at the age of 4! We love Arya!” –Guddi Panchal, Arya Parent, Lyndhurst, NJ 





Arya Dance Academy Offers Indian Dance Class, Bollywood Dance, Classical Dance Class in New York, Virginia. Contact Arya International for Indian Dance Class, Bollywood Dance Class, Classical Dance Class, Kathak Dance Class, Bharatanatyam Dance, Indian Dance School, Event Management, Film Dance School
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